Vision, Values, & Strategic Plan



 Accountability and Integrity
We maintain the highest level of integrity in our administrative, service, and outreach activities. We align these activities directly with the mission. We maintain and report our records accurately and transparently while respecting privacy where appropriate. We accept responsibility for our actions and acknowledge past mistakes and make every effort to resolve problems.

Caring Attitude
We demonstrate compassionate support and concern for each other and the clients we serve and their families. As part of this caring attitude, we educate and inform clients and their families. We respond with individualized, timely and appropriate policies and solutions that meet the unique needs and preferences of the clients and their families through direct services or referrals to other providers.

We respect each other and each person's opinions. We foster and operate an environment where communications are open, people feel free to express their points of views, and speak as they see fit. We respond to each other in a non-threatening and non-judgmental manner. 


Guiding Principles

We understand that clients are part of all races, ethnicities, genders, age groups, sexual preferences, gender identities, gender expressions, and religions; and we seek to assist all clients without discrimination.

We educate the public, and advocates for the long term best interests of our clients and their families.

We value the expertise, individuality, and contributions of all Agency staff, encouraging individual ownership, but work as a team in support of each other and readily share good practices.

We advocate with clients and their families for social and individual equality without violence.

We are efficient in the use of funds consistent with our legal responsibilities, intent of the donors, and highest standards of ethical behavior. We recruit, mentor and develop professional staff members to ensure a competent, stable professional base in a rewarding work environment.

Effective Communication
We communicate openly and truthfully.

Active Participation
Each Board member actively engages in all Board activities and supports all Agency events.


Strategic Plan

 The Family Life Center Strategic Plan 2020-2024 is the culmination of a two-year planning effort to identify particular areas of emphasis that support the mission of the agency. The Plan will move the Family Life Center closer to its vision to "lead the community in ending the perpetration of Domestic Violence and Sexual Violence throughout Flagler County." In alignment with its three Core Values of Accountability and Integrity, Caring Attitude, and Trust, the Family Life Center (FLC) provides "essential support services to individuals and families to end Domestic Violence and Sexual Violence in Flagler County."

The Strategic Plan delineates five Strategic Directions and 26 supporting Strategic Objectives that will improve service offerings, meet increased demands for service, and strengthen the ability of the Family Life Center to provide strong leadership in the efforts to end the perpetration of Domestic Violence and Sexual Violence in Flagler County. The five Strategic Directions for 2020-2024 for the Family Life Center are:

Expand Fund Development
Increase Community Awareness
Renovate and Expand Facilities
Ensure Staffing Stability/Development
Expand Services

5 Strategic Directions and Objectives


The family life center will increase its fundraising capability, and engage in new grant opportunities and community fundraising initiatives to generate a sustainable financial foundation to support current and new service and education programs.

Expand fund development capability and capacity.

Develop initiatives to eliminate current indebtedness.

Identify new sources of grand funding and develop an increased source of continuing grant funds.

Develop initiatives to secure corporate and community funding to support continuing and new services.

Establish major reserve and capital funding sources.

Establish unrelated business income initiatives to provide alternative sources of funds.


The Family Life Center will expand events and other efforts to increase community awareness of the existence of domestic violence and sexual violence in Flagler county, increase awareness of FLC services for victims of domestic violence and sexual violence, and increase awareness of the importance of community support for the Family Life Center.

Expand marketing/public relations capability and capacity.

Increase initiatives to create awareness of FLC services to potential victims of domestic violence and sexual violence.

Increase initiatives to improve community awareness of the issues of domestic violence and sexual violence in Flagler County.

Develop initiatives to increase a sense of community responsibility and ownership to support programs that combat domestic violence and sexual violence.

Expand the use of social media and innovative marketing/communication tools to increase community awareness.


The Family Life Center will renovate and expand critical facilities for its programs, including shelters and temporary housing for victim of domestic violence, facilities for victims of sexual assault, outreach facilities for victims of domestic violence and sexual violence, and administrative facilities for an expanding staff.

Develop a master facilities plan that addresses adequacy of facilities to meet ongoi9ng and future demand for services.

Expand emergency shelter facilities for victims of domestic violence.

Expand temporary housing facilities for victims of domestic violence.

Expand outreach facilities to provide adequate service space for victims of domestic violence and victims of sexual violence.

Expand administrative support facilities to accommodate future staff growth.


The Family Life Center will provide a supportive and nurturing professional environment for staff by conducting ongoing staff feedback assessments to identify and address gaps in appropriate wage structure, benefits, job resources, evaluation structure, and development opportunities to ensure a stable workforce and staffing continuity for the agency.

Develop a personnel stability and succession plan that creates back-up capabilities to ensure continuity of operations.

Develop a staffing plan that addresses both direct service and support requirements for current and future operations.

Create a structured development plan that provides opportunities for cross-training and advancement.

Develop a comprehensive compensation and benefit plan that accommodates alternative funding sources.

Create opportunities for increased volunteer services to complement staff responsibilities.


The Family Life Center will assess current needs with respect to domestic violence and sexual violence, expand the assessment of existing programs, identify needs for expanded and new services, and implement new essential services.

Refine performance assessment process to assess effectiveness of current programs.

Assess client needs with respect to domestic violence and sexual violence to determine critical areas of unmet needs.

Develop comprehensive plan for expansion of services.


Increase partnerships to increase the overall delivery and effectiveness of program services.

Expand services in critical areas as needs dictate